Automated messages are a great way to interact with customers during off-hours, and to provide instant and clear responses to common questions. To provide the best experience, it's important to understand their experience to enhance your setup and chatbot.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How users initiate a conversation with a Chatbot.

  2. How users interact with the Chatbot.

1. How customers initiate a conversation with chatbot

  1. Customer goes to your a page on your website that has Chatbot embedded.

  2. Customer clicks on Chat with us icon.

  3. Customer enters their name, email, and phone and clicks Submit.

  4. The provided number receives an SMS with your welcome message.

💡 The provided contact information will create a new contact in Aptly allowing you to follow up via phone or email

2. How customers interact with Chatbot

Customers can respond to the welcome message by selecting the corresponding number or text options.

  1. Typing 1 or Ask a question will provide topics and responses based on the connected Answer Board.

  2. Typing 2 or Connect to an agent will stop automated responses, and ask the customer if there is a specific question. Your team will receive a notification to pickup the conversation.

  3. Typing 3 or Request an appointment, will allow customers to schedule an appointment.

💡 Integrate a Calendly account to let tenants self-schedule appointments based on your team's availability.

  1. Chatbot Employee Journey

  2. Chatbot and Answers Overview

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