Automated messages are a great way to stay in front of your customer while saving your team time on answers repetitive questions. Learn how chatbot interacts with your team and the Aptly platform.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Where to find Chatbot conversations in Aptly

  2. How and when to intervene

1. Where to find chatbot conversations in Aptly

While Chatbot is meant to run in the background, you can monitor interactions, and join the conversation to make the most impact.

1. Conversations will be created in your Mine view of your inbox similar to all SMS messages sent from your phone number.

2. A red caution notice is shown when your chatbot is handling a conversation. You can intervene at any point in the conversation.

3. A card will also be created on your Aptlet Board with customer information.

1. How and when to intervene

There will be times where it makes more sense for an agent to take over the conversation. Add a personalized response to show your customer/client that you understand their situation.

  1. Customer/client asks for an agent: A customer can request to connect to an agent at any point. When that happens, all agents with access to the phone channel will receive a notification in Aptly

  2. Customer/client schedule an appointment: When a customer schedules an appointment, their remarks are stored as part of the conversation and added as a comment on the Aptlet card.

💡 Integrate a Calendly account to let customers and clients make appointments via self-scheduling technology

When you take over the conversation, you will be able to see what message you sent versus Chatbot.


  1. Don't hesitate to take over a conversation at any point.

  2. Review conversations with customers to identify improvements with better answers, and more appointments

  3. Have your team go through the experience as a customer to understand the experience and provide feedback to improve their job.

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