With leads, maintenance requests, and tenant inquiries coming from a number of sources, there is a chance that cards can be duplicated. Use the merge feature on any Aptly board to combine cards into one record that has all the information you desire.

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How to Locate Duplicated Cards

The first step for merging cards is to identify them on your Aptly board. There are a few methods for finding duplicates that can make this easier.

Finding duplicates by sorting:

One popular method for finding duplicate is to use the LIST view for your Aptly board and the sort by the column which would likely reveal the duplicates.

Another method would be to look for the duplicate icon (double red circle) that appear in the Contact cell of your board's list view

How to Merge Cards

Once you've identified your duplicate cards, you will need to select them by checking the box that appears at the front of the respective rows of each record on your Aptly board.

Once you've selected the desired cards, click the merge icon in the bulk updates menu above. This will reveal a window where you can select fields that should be kept on the resulting merged record:

The column on the left shows the resulting card from the merge and the fields that will appear on it. You can select the appropriate field to merge with the corresponding radio button or add multiple related objects by selecting their checkbox.

Click Merge when you are done. Review the merge history in Activity Feed:

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