Prompt web visitors to self-schedule an appointment with your team when they come across your website with the powerful feature combination of Chatbot and Calendly.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to connect your Calendly account to your Chatbot

  2. The customer journey for Chatbot self-scheduling

  3. The employee journey for Chatbot self-scheduling

Connecting your Calendly account to Chatbot

Calendly is a simple yet powerful self-scheduling tool allowing contacts to self-schedule a meeting on your integrated calendar. This is based on availability and rules you've configured in Calendly. If you haven't already, sign up for Calendly and integrate your account with an Aptlet board(s) appropriate for appointments.

From a Chatbot-enabled board, go to your board settings >> Chatbot and locate the Supports Appointment section and select the Connect via link option entering your unique event link (found in your existing Calendly account):

Chatbot Self-Scheduling Customer Journey

Once enabled, your website visitors will be able to self-schedule an appointment. Your visitors will be re-directed to your Calendly event page:

Based on your Calendly settings, the visitor can be asked a set of custom pre-appointment questions (think a pre-screening questionnaire) appointment reminders ahead of the meeting (*paid Calendly feature).

Chatbot Self-Scheduling Employee Journey

The Chatbot self-scheduling Employee journey is similar to the normal Calendly/Aptly integration experience and should feel familiar:

When a web visitor self-schedules an appointment with Chatbot, their Aplet card will

update and move to the stage dictated by the board integration. An event will also be created in your Aptly inbox and calendar:

Use Calendly with Chatbot:

💡 On a leasing page prompting prospects to self-schedule a showing.

💡 On an owner interest page prompting owner prospects to self-schedule a property evaluation meeting.

💡 On a tenant services page allowing current tenants to self-schedule a maintenance repair or inspection appointment .

  1. Integrate with Calednly

  2. Chatbot Customer Journey

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