Allow Facebook visitors to self-schedule with you by embedding your Calendly link in the Book Now call-to-action button on your Facebook business page:


​With the Aptly/Calendly integration, all showings scheduled through Calendly will push directly to your Aptly calendar and update/add cards on your integrated Aptlet board accordingly.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Where you can find more information about the Aptly/Calednly integration

  2. How to embed your Calednly link in the Facebook call-to-action button app

Integrating Aptly and Calendly

If you have not harnessed the power of the Aptly/Calednly integration yet, click here to learn how to connect the two so you can:

πŸ’‘ Allow resident prospects to self-schedule a showing and push scheduling updates to your calendar and a Resident Leads Aptlet board

πŸ’‘ Allow owner prospects to self-schedule a property evaluation appointment and push scheduling updates to your calendar and an Owner Leads Aptlet board

Locate the call-to-action button app below your Facebook banner selecting the Edit Button option:


Select Book Now for the call-to-action button type, then choose Link to Website. You will be promoted to add a link; this is where you insert your dedicated Calendly event page:



When Facebook visitors come across your Facebook business page, they will have the ability to self-schedule through your Calendly link.

And with the Aptly/Calendly integration, all appointments will push directly to your Aptly calendar. A card will be added or updated on the connected Aptlet Board, like a Resident Leads board:


We recommend configuring this feature on Facebook for resident leasing, so be make sure to embed the appropriate event link.

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