Once you have setup your Chatbot in Aptly, it's time to add it to your company or property website. While WordPress sites vary in terms of plugins, themes, and layouts, there are some commons themes that will help you launch a Chatbot. Doing this will make Chatbot accessible to your customers.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Best practices when adding Chatbot's Website Widget Script
  2. Common troubleshooting questions

Best practices to embed Chatbot's Website Widget Script

  1. In Aptly, navigate to Aptlets.
  2. Access the Aptlet Board with the installed chatbot.
  3. Select settings ⚙️ > Chatbot.
  4. Under Website Widget Script, click copy.

5. Login to your WordPress admin site.

6. Navigate to Pages on the left menu bar.

7. Select the desired page to insert your Chatbot

8. Click on the 3 dots icon on the top right, followed by Code Editor.

8. Paste your Website Widget Script from step 4 into the top of the code

9. Select Preview to double-check any errors and select Update to finalize changes

Common Troubleshooting Questions

  1. Where is Chatbot placed on my website? The chatbot script currently places the button on the bottom right of your website.
  2. I plan on adding different Chatbots to my website, can I do that? Yes you can! Each Chatbot has a unique script that you can place on specific pages (ex: leasing page versus maintenance page).
  3. Why am I not seeing Chatbot when I visit my website? There are a couple of areas to explore:
  • Clearing cache. Clearing cache on your local browser, your website, and your content delivery network can ensure your customers are accessing the most up to date version of your website.
  • Copying errors. If you choose to share the Website Widget Script via email or a word processor prior to inserting into your website, be aware that code might be slightly modified. Copying directly from Aptly will remove any issues.
  1. Chatbot Answers and Overview
  2. Chatbot Answers and Setup
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