Aptly is packed with powerful CRM features robust enough to support multiple types of lead management processes including resident leasing, owner prospecting, and lease renewals.

Using a lead-specific Aptlet board as the foundation for your lead management process, you can customize your CRM adding additional ancillary features. This customization allows you to create a CRM completely unique to your needs with the ability to use a single platform for various types of lead management.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to install or create a Lead board

  2. The advantages of using a Leads board for sales processes in Aptly

  3. How to optimize your sales processes with additional features

Setting up a Leads Board

There are 2 ways you can set up a Leads Board in Aptly:

  1. Install a pre-configured board from the Aptlet Gallery: Install a Resident Leads board, an Owner Leads board, or a Lease Renewal board. If you're coming from Knock, use this board to easily import your leads. These boards come pre-configured and require little effort to customize.

  2. Add a blank board and build your CRM board from scratch: Go to the Aptlet Dashboard > Add a Board > Create Blank Board > select Lead Board from the setup box in the Board Type section:

Lead Board Breakdown

What makes a Lead board different from the General Use board in Aptly? Lead boards come with sales-specific features like the ability to distinguish between closed-won and closed-lost stages, qualification distinctions, and identifiers that focus your attention to lead touches:

👍👎 Qualified. Mark a lead as qualified or unqualified with one click. Unqualified leads will be archived from the board so you can better focus your efforts on qualified leads.

🟢 Aging Icon. Get a visual indicator of new leads, and aging leads to prioritize prospect outreach. Hover over the circle to get a full description.

Lead boards also can distinguish between leads placed in a closed stage; stages can be configured as a Won state or Lost state which is critical for reporting metrics like conversion rates:

Strategic Lead Management in Aptly

Lead boards have several optional features that can make your lead management process incredibly powerful, effective, and streamlined. Consider adding the following features:

Reply Workflows: Send automated emails to prospects when you move them from one stage to the other or set up time-triggered communication.

Calendly Integration: Automatically add/update a lead on your board anytime a prospect schedules an event through Calendly.

💡 Combine the two features above to automatically reply to all inbound leads with a link to self-schedule a showing.

Add a Chatbot: Respond immediately, schedule appointments, and provide answers automatically to prospects on your website sending chat leads directly to your Lead board.

Assignment Rules: Instead of manually assigning new cards, set up a round-robin auto-assignment rule on the board to automatically assign incoming cards to teammates.

Lead boards also support a rest API, a board importer, and more. Explore all the options in the board settings ⚙️ or reach out to Aptly Customer Success for assistance creating a custom CRM for your specific business needs.

  1. Allowing Website Visitors to Self-Schedule Appointments on Chatbot with Calendly

  2. Automatically Reply to Inbound Leads with a Prompt to Self-Schedule a Showing

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