When you enable Inbox Workflows, Aptly will analyze incoming emails, and take immediate action, saving your time by performing the busy work such as creating Contacts, creating Aptlet Cards, and moving leads along the funnel.

You can view active Inbox Workflows here.

In this article you'll learn:

  1. How to enable Inbox Workflows
  2. Inbox Workflows advanced setup

Enabling Inbox Workflows

From your inbox click on Inbox Configuration and select Inbox Workflows.

  1. Select the connected inbox you'd like to setup and click Manage.
  2. Select the Workflow you want to manage and click in the bar.
  3. Find your platform of choice, and use the dropdown to select the board destination to enable.
  4. If you'd like to enable all, click enable all.

💡 Clicking enable will connect new workflows added to the Aptly platform by default

Once Inbox Workflows are enabled and a board is selected, inbound messages from these platforms will be detected and create a card with the relevant information on your selected board.

💡 Set up segments for Prospect Contacts and keep contacts up-to-date

Inbox Workflows advanced setup

The purpose of inbox workflows is to automate repetitive tasks and free up your team to focus on better work. Here are some ideas on how to take action.

  • Receiving too many notifications (email, mobile notification, browser notifications)? 💡 Set up your notifications to receive the right amount of attention.
  • Ready to move straight to a board and skip the inbox? Trade your inbox message for a dedicated board email so you can prioritize action
  • When dealing with a large volume of leads, cleanup and maintenance can seem daunting. Create segments in your contacts and Aptlets to stay focused and on task.

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