Manual data entry can be frustrating and error-prone. With the copy cards function, leverage your existing data to quickly launch new workflows.

  • Field information and related items get copied
  • Duplicates are not added.
  • Copy cards to and from locations, or Aptlet boards.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to Copy a Card to another Board
  2. Best Practices
  3. Use Cases

How to Copy a Card to another board

  1. Select a single or multiple cards
  2. Select Copy to Board
  3. Select the destination Board and click Copy Cards

Best Practices

  1. For the destination board, you must create any custom fields upfront in order for information to be copied.
  2. Cards are deduped based on Title. Changes to the title will create a second copy.

Use Cases

  1. CSAT Report. Copy cards to quickly launch a customer satisfaction survey.
  2. Lease Renewals. Copy lease and tenant data to a dedicated board to manage the lease renewal process.
  1. Aptlet Basics
  2. Create a Card from a Conversation
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