Without much (or any) detail in customer emails, maintenance teams are forced to connect with the customer to gather missing information. This back and forth increases frustration for customers and teams and delays getting to a solution.

Get to the point by using Webforms. Use the Typeform integration so customers can report clear and concise Aptlet Cards for your team.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Setup a Webform
  2. Installation and usage

1. Setup a Webform

  1. From an existing Aptlet Board, select the settings gear ⚙️
  2. From the right side, select Webforms
  3. Click the toggle button to enable
  4. Select which fields to enable on your form. The form is designed to match your Aptlet Fields.

💡 Need a different response or question? Add or edit a field on your board and add it to your Webform.

2. Installation and usage

Once you have completed the setup it's time to share your webform. Copy the link and use it in the following locations.

  1. Company Website & FAQ's
  2. Communications Templates
  3. Social Media Accounts
  4. Tenant Portals

Once a tenant fills out the Webform, a new card will be created on the associated board.

Use Cases

Consider using webforms for the following

  1. Maintenance Requests. Allow residents to submit tickets along with image attachments.
  2. Leads. Allow prospective residents to submit contact information and qualifying details.
  3. Owner leads. Strengthen your lead quality, by having owners share their objectives with a Property Manager.

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