Ensuring team members have access to the right information is critical when balancing access, and confidentiality. Aptly Teams create powerful permissions that apply across conversations, PMS data, and workflows. Create teams in Aptly to manage levels of access, and properly distribute information.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to create and assign teams
  2. How teams work

1. How to create and assign teams

  1. Navigate to Settings ⚙️
  2. Click on Company Info & Team and click the edit button next to a team member's name
  3. Under teams, click + Add Team and create a new team
  4. Once a Team has been created, use the checkboxes to assign users to any number of teams.

🚨 Once a team has been created, it can be inactivated but cannot be deleted

2. How teams work

Now that you have created your teams, you can share information in the following ways:

  1. Sharing a conversation. From the inbox you can share a conversation with a team by simply typing in the team name and all members will be added. Team members can view the message and unfollow individually.

💡 Use the Everyone team to share across the organization.

2. Sharing Aptlets. Invite a team to view or edit a board. When a new person is added to a team they will be granted access to the board as well.

3. Sharing Locations and Units. Invite a team to view or edit specific location data. This is great for admins managing multiple properties and teams to ensure each team only has access to cards for their locations and units.

  1. Set up your team settings and invite users to Aptly
  2. How to share a conversation
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