Aptly’s RealPage OneSite integration supports the importing of properties, units, and

prospects and residents.

After your initial import, Aptly will be enriched with resident and location data you can use to easily access important details about these records without leaving Aptly. Additionally, this data can be used to manage a variety of processes in Aptly, like leasing, lease renewals, and move-outs.

In the article, you'll learn:

  1. RealPage Report Grouping, Exporting, and Scheduling
  2. Importing RealPage Data Into Aptly
  3. RealPage Notification Settings for Optimal Aptly Use

Exporting Data from RealPage

This is a two-step process involving grouping specific reports and exporting these report groups on a schedule.

Create a scheduled group in OneSite report tab

A scheduled group is a group of reports, tasks, and/or extracts that are set up to

be submitted together on a particular schedule. You can set up an automated

schedule to run one or more reports at specific times.

Note: in order to create and manage scheduled groups you will need to be an authorized user.

To create a scheduled report in OneSite, click the New group link next to the

Groups section on the Reports tab.

In the Add group box, enter the name of the new group. This name should be

descriptive enough to allow you to easily assign reports to the group and know-

how that group is scheduled to run. For example, Aptly Scheduled Report.

Click the drop-down arrow in the Run on the date field and select ‘Enter the date’.

The date entered here will be the date you will want the report to start sending

to Aptly.

Given we recommend running this report on a recurring basis, we suggest you

select the Recurring checkbox and complete the End date field. Then, specify

how often you want the group run (the number of days between scheduled runs).

In this case, the group would run the first time based on the start date you enter,

and then for each scheduled interval based on the days you define. The group

will stop being submitted on the End date.

RealPage OneSite can email you as soon as the job has been completed. The

email message includes a link that allows the recipient to sign on to OneSite and

download the completed report. The email message does not include the actual

report. Click the Email upon completion field, should you want to receive a

notification on report completion. Enter one or more email addresses that you

want to receive an email message when the report is finished. To enter multiple

email addresses, separate them with semicolons.

Click Save to add the new group.

Use the Copy group function to copy that group to other properties in the

portfolio, as needed

How to assign a report to a group in RealPage OneSite

Assigning your newly created group to a specified report in OneSite will make it

easy for you or a designated user to export and import the data you want into


From the Reports tab, on the specific report you wish to add to the

scheduled group, click the drop-down arrow, and select the scheduled

group that you want to assign this report to.

Select the report format. Aptly can only accept Excel file format. PDF is

not supported.

Aptly supports import of the following OneSite Realpage reports:

• All Units

• All Residents

• Current Renewal Status

• Prospect Contact Level Details

To ensure the most robust initial data set in Aptly, be sure to include all

parameters all available parameters for each report.

Importing RealPage Reports Into Aptly

Exporting and then importing your reports into Aptly is a very simple process that

can be done on-demand depending on your import preference.

Within OneSiteFrom the Reports tab, select the product center and category of

the report whose schedule you want to review.

Click the date and time link in the Most recent column for the selected report.

To review the report choose Open this file from its current location. The system

export the most recently run version of the report.

Once exported you will then want to import the report into Aptly. From the

settings icon on any Aptlet board, you can choose to import a file.

Board Settings ⚙ > Click on Integrations, then click on Realpage.

Click Import [File Type] to upload the excel file.

Once you’ve successfully imported Realpage reports, data will sync to your Aptly

Contacts and Locations and Aptlet Boards.

Update your notification settings in RealPage OneSite

Notifications are the key to keeping your RealPage OneSite data in sync with

Aptly. As such we will want to ensure your alerts are enabled.

Aptly will scan and update records for the following notification types

Aptly will scan and update records for the following notification types:

• New Online Guest Card

• Lease Renewal Notice

• Notice to Vacate or Transfer

• Application Submitted

• Billing Inquiry

• General Comment

• Update to Resident Profiles

• Service Request

• New Online Guest Card

• Lease Renewal Notice

• Notice to Vacate or Transfer

• Application Submitted

• Billing Inquiry

• General Comment

• Update to Resident Profiles

• Service Request

First, you will need to ensure your staff has the proper email address entered into

OneSite’s system. To do so, navigate to Settings > General Information and

Property Settings > Email Addresses.

Use this page to add email addresses for property staff members. If the property

uses the online leasing or resident portal, these addresses will also be available

at the portal Email setup page.

Type the Title, such as a staff member’s name or name of a department.

Enter the Email address for this person or department.

Click Save. The system updates the list with your changes.

To enable email alerts, you will need to navigate to the General information and

property settings page, accessed from the Settings page at the property level.

From there you can enable the communication settings to automatically opt-in

staff to receive email notifications.

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