Follow the below report export specifications to export your move-outs from Appfolio sending them to Aptly. Aptly will automatically create new move-out cards adding them to a dedicated move-out board or update existing cards.

Using Appfolio's scheduled report feature, this move-outs will be sent to Aptly without no-to-little human intervention.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Where to send your scheduled report to import it into Aptly automatically
  2. How to export and schedule move-outs from Appfolio in a way Aptly can accept and import them

Locate and Copy your Aptly Import Email Address

From the Location page in Aptly, go to your board settings >> Integrations >> Appfolio. Copy the scheduled report email address at the bottom of this pane:

Export and Scheduled Move-outs from Appfolio

From the Tenant Ticker report in Appfolio, create a "move-out" report by extracting the following fields:

Date, Event, Property, Unit, Tags, Tenant, Tenant Phone, Tenant Email, Rent, Lease From, Lease To, Deposit

Create a new scheduled this report:

  1. In the name field, type "move-out"
  2. From the drop down under saved reports, click "move-out"
  3. From the drop down under Format, select CSV
  4. In the recipient field, paste the email address provided by Aptly (this should be on your clipboard)
  5. Type anything into the message field
  6. From the frequency drop down, select Daily
  7. Click Save

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