Similar to the reminder feature within our email composer, you can now set reminders for date fields- both standard date fields and task due date fields!

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Set a reminder for a date field
  • Turn off and on notifications for these reminders

Set a Reminder for a Date Field

As this feature is only available within a date field on a card, let's start there! Visit a card that you want to set a reminder regarding dates for.

  1. Open/View the card and find a field that contains or requires a date

2. Click on the date and a Calendar box should appear

3. Click on the Bell icon in the bottom, right hand corner of the box to select the reminder times and dates.

4. A "Remind me when" page should appear. Select one of the default options or create your own, write a Reminder Message (optional) and click Create!

Turn Off and On Notifications for Reminders

By default, your account will have all notifications regarding reminders turned ON. However, if you would like to turn these notification off, you can do so through the Notifications settings!

  1. Go to your personal Settings by selecting the Gear ⚙️ icon, in the bottom, left hand corner of your Aptly page
  2. Select Notifications under the My Settings panel
  3. Chose a Notifications place by using the "Select an app to configure notifications" drop down menu
  4. Find the row pertaining to "When a reminder goes off" and un-check the box

💡 If the reminder is set for a task date field, only the Assignee of the task with receive the reminder!

💡 If the reminder is set for a due date on a card, only the Assignee of the card will receive the reminder!

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